Canna orders are currently limited to one (1) plant per variety, with a maximum of ten (10) selections per customer. If you need more of a single variety or are a public garden needing specific amounts, please email us.

canna 'Endeavor'
canna 'Endeavor'

canna 'Endeavor'

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Water Canna

Canna 'Endeavor' is one of the original ‘Longwood Cannas,’ bred by geneticist Dr. Robert Armstrong, for use in their gardens.  

It has brilliant red flowers -- with pink undertones -- that are open and welcoming to both humans and hummingbirds. Often, multiple heads will be in flower at the same time, creating an ethereal display of color and texture. It’s deep green leaves are slim and lanceolate, a lovely contrast against the vibrant flowers. 

This variety is able to grow well in both soil and pond/wetland type environments, and is very attractive to hummingbirds. Simplistic and beautiful. Medium in height, growing to about 5ft.