Canna orders are currently limited to one (1) plant per variety, with a maximum of ten (10) selections per customer. If you need more of a single variety or are a public garden needing specific amounts, please email us.

CANNA SEEDS: Mixed Hybrids

CANNA SEEDS: Mixed Hybrids

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Packet contains: 30 HYBRID Seeds

‘Tis the season to grow canna seeds! 

For the first time ever, we are offering a LIMITED amount of our hybrid canna seeds.
They are freshly harvested, open-pollinated, randomly selected, and may include any and
all color/height possibilities. Truly a box of chocolates. 

*** It is important to note ***
Some seedlings may look like established hybrids. Please do not call them by established hybrid names (i.e. canna ‘Lipstick’). They are not the same cultivar, because at least 50% of their genetic information is different. 

Canna Seed Growing guidelines included with purchase. A great opportunity (and a lot of fun!) for both new and experienced growers.