Canna orders are currently limited to one (1) plant per variety, with a maximum of ten (10) selections per customer. If you need more of a single variety or are a public garden needing specific amounts, please email us.

canna 'Tall White’
canna 'Tall White’

canna 'Tall White’

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Truth be told, compared to many other canna varieties, 'Tall White' is not very tall — in fact, she only grows to about 4ft in height. Height becomes insignificant though, once you see her ethereal white flowers and silvery, blue-green leaves. 
Perfect for use as a specimen or in a solid/mixed group planting.

Please note:
Many white cannas may take on a creamy yellow color during times of low light and/or if planted in a shady area. To obtain the whitest coloration, they should receive a moderate amount of sunlight each day, during the growing season.