Canna orders are currently limited to one (1) plant per variety, with a maximum of ten (10) selections per customer. If you need more of a single variety or are a public garden needing specific amounts, please email us.

Hoya Kerrii ‘Splash’
Hoya Kerrii ‘Splash’
Hoya Kerrii ‘Splash’

Hoya Kerrii ‘Splash’

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Hoya kerrii ‘Splash,’ with its lovely, dappled heart-shaped leaves, is a member of the most recognizable and iconic varieties of wax plants.

While their leaves are visible all year, they will send out trailing vines at different times throughout the summer months — from which beautiful flowers will follow. The flowers have the fragrance of warm brown sugar and/or honey. 

** Allergy Information: This plant will bleed latex if damaged.

** Plants are well-rooted and will ship in their pot.

** Item cannot be shipped to the state of California with soil intact, roots will be rinsed and wrapped.